• Tami Hallam

The People You Know

The impossibly beautiful Debbie Gungor.

This is a tough post to write, but it needs to be written because it talks about the woman who could possibly be credited as being the beginning of everything. This is Debbie. At first I didn't really know her. I knew of her and I would watch her walk to take her place in the front row of our church every Sunday. I always thought she looked like a queen as she walked up to the front, paused to say hello or hug one of the many people who loved her along the way and then sat and listened to her husband preach. I was friends with her daughter, Leslie and through my friend, I got the pleasure of meeting Debbie.

I wish it had been a joyous meeting, but it was a sorrowful one. Debbie's cancer had come back. She had been battling cancer off and on for years and it had reared its ugly head yet again. Her family was desperate for someone to cook Debbie healthy meals with organic ingredients and Leslie knew I had a huge organic garden and absolutely loved to share the bounty from it. It came at a bad time of year though. My garden was dwindling down and most of the vegetables were spent. Knowing how much everyone loved this incredible woman, I became frantic to find a way to grow vegetables in our fast approaching, harsh Wisconsin winter.

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