• Tami Hallam

The Inside Story

Well, first things first. After working a few days on bracing and using a ladder to get in and out of that door, stairs were quickly becoming a priority. I'm not as young as I once was, you know. I constructed this staircase myself while my husband worked on bracing for the roof. I used 3/4" black pipe for the railing and I thought it turned out really well. I planned to close in underneath the stairs and use it for storage.

The stairs were the first thing we wanted to construct. Crawling in and out of that door wasn't fun at all!

A girl needs a place to work, so the next order of business was a little space for that. I constructed this little workspace between helping my husband move the ladder and holding it so he didn't fall to his death. There were times, let me tell you! I don't have any photos of how precariously he was perched up there at times because I was too busy holding his life in my hands at the bottom of the ladder. I told him his life was way too well insured to have me down there doing that.

Muppet puke...that's all I can say.
Shield your eyes from that hideous color!

Soooo...I'm not really sure what made me think orange was a good color to paint this room. I wanted to go for something bright and happy, but it missed the mark terribly. The walls had some condensation on them so a lot of the paint just rinsed right off the wall and the stuff that stayed on, shouldn't have. It's still like that today too. Now that I'm looking at it, I think I'm going to pick up a nice, neutral grey and get rid of this hideous color. Wait until you see what I decided to paint the bench! Maybe I won't even show you. At any rate, the workspace was nice and we ended up putting a little sink in on the left side that I use every single time I'm in there. Later on, I added some shelves and closed in the back wall. It looks really nice now...if you're colorblind.

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